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“Why Are You Still Not brewing Your Own Homemade Beer - When It's Become So Easy To Do, The Beer Is So Heavenly Delicious, And You Save So Much Money?”

"And ... you even get a FREE guide to get you started"

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When you make your own homebrew beer it also saves you money and means you never run out of beer. After all, you can easily brew up 6 gallons at a time – each and every week. And a different tasty beer each time.

The first time I tasted homebrewed beer, I felt I was sipping nectar of the gods. I'd never tasted a beer so smooth and satisfying before. Homebrewed beer beats commercial brands hands down. I'll never go back!

Not only does homebrewed tasted better, but once you have your own homebrew equipment you can create all kinds of delicious originals. The combinations of honey beers are endless, spiced ales aplenty, and there's the legendary Goat Scrotum Ale – a blissful blend of fascinating flavors.

But ... Isn't It Difficult?

There used to be a time when you had to malt the grains yourself. Then cook up a mash and use a special rig called a lauter tun to extract the sugars from the grains. All in all, a rather messy, time-consuming, and tricky operation.

But ... nowadays you have malt extracts that make homebrew beer easy and fun. In fact, the only one doing any work are the yeast cells as they tirelessly ferment your own nectar of the gods. To brew your own delicious concoctions is simply a matter of:

Beer Mix  Stir together the ingredients. Some clean water, the malt extract with it's own hops already infused into it, a few individual ingredients that make your brew unique, and the yeast. Easier than a batch of instant soup.
Beer Brew  This is all done by those hard-working yeast cells. You go sip one of your previous brews. In a few days, all the work will have been done.
Beer Bottle  Done with an easy-to-use filler tube. Watch the golden nectar flow. In just a few minutes, you'll have bottles and bottles of bubbly to admire.
Beer Enjoy  Ahhh! That first heavenly sip. It tastes so good!

And ... it's all here in this FREE beginner's guide on how to make your own homebrew beer , along with 13 delicious and easy recipes.

Homebrewing Guide

With this free guide, get your own start in the fun (and delicious) hobby of homebrewing.

You'll make:

Beer American Wheat Beer  The way American beer should be – not watered down like the commercial stuff, but refreshingly tart with a creamy frothiness.
Beer Classic Pilsener  Crisp and dry, with a pale straw color and a bold flavor.
Beer Heritage Lager  A refreshing and clean taste with a distinctive hops aroma.
Beer Ale Of The Gods  An ale that is not of this world.
Beer Londonderry Air Light Beer  A good, light beer with low alcohol content. A refreshing draught.
Beer Coopers Sparkling Ale  The fantastic sparkling ale of a small Australian brewery, made in your own home.
Beer Strawberry Blonde  The beginning of your journey into honey beers. How sweet it is!
Beer German Bock  Full-bodied, malty. This is German beer at its finest.
Beer Celebration Ale  A spiced ale that adds a kick to special occassions.
Beer Irish Stout  Dark and rich. Here's your own homebrewed answer to Guiness. Slainte.
Beer India Pale Ale  The heavily hopped and malted brew that won over the British troops a long time ago in India.
Beer Australian Pale Ale  Here's a tasty clone of the famed Fosters. Crocodile Dundee would approve.
Beer Goat Scrotum Ale  The one, the only, the legendary brew that lets you go wild with experimentation. Have fun. Every concoction tastes fantastic.

What's The Catch? Why Is It Free?

No catch. I love homebrewing beer. I love sharing my recipes, but I also have an ulterior motive. The more people who start homebrewing, the more the price of the beer malt extract kits comes down - and we all win!

Enjoy your own homebrewed beer

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